Bygdebøker (Farm Books)

One of the most important resources for Norwegian genealogical research are the bygdebøker (Farm Books), which tell the history of the farms and families that owned or lived on them. These books vary in quality and availability. The following is a list of bygdebøker that I have found online. You must be in a LDS Family History Center to view the ones that link to FamilySearch.


Title & LinkAuthor, DateMunicipalityFylkeParish
Enebakk bygdebok, vols. 1, 2Birger KirkebyEnebakkAker
Bygde historie for Fet, vol. 1, 2Elbjørg ArnesenFetAker
Bygdebok For Frogn GårdshistoriaenHaakon Falck Myckland, 1967ForngAker
Bygdebok For Nittedal og Hakadal: 1. NittedalBirger Kirkeby, 1965NittedalAker
Bygdebok For Nittedal og Hakadal: 2. HakadalBirger Kirkeby, 1965NittedalAker
Ullensaker, en BygedbokH. Nesten, 1949UllensakerAker