MyHeritage Adds 3 Norwegian Census Indexes

MyHeritage has added searchable indexes to three Norwegian Census, including 1891, 1900, and 1910, to its growing collection of Norwegian records. Search results connect directly to scanned images of the census returns for 1891 and 1900 making it a breeze to work with these records. The 1910 census index is not linked to scans of the original census returns, but if applicable this census is important to work with because it is the only census currently available that has individuals’ full birth dates. It also has specific information on individuals who lived in America for a time and then returned to Norway. The information included on these individuals includes migration dates, occupation, and place of residence in America.

Although indexes already exist for these census reports on Norway’s Digitalarkivet, the search capability on MyHeritage tends to be more flexible and easy to work with. This is an important addition to the research tools available to researchers in Norway.

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