My Lectures

I present lectures in-person and/or via livestream for groups large and small. Each lecture includes a graphic presentation with handouts providing even greater topical depth. I have several lectures available that I continuously update with my latest research. Also, you can contact me ( about preparing a custom lecture specifically for your organization.

Available Lectures (September, 2021)

Swedish Research

  • Getting Your Swede Back Home: Finding Your Immigrants Place of Origin
  • Basic Swedish Records
  • Advanced Swedish Records
  • Using ArkivDigital: The Basics
  • I didn’t know that was there! Beyond the church records and household examinations on ArkivDigital
  • Lantmäteriet: The INCREDIBLE maps of Sweden
  • Swedish Paleography
  • Swedish Military Records
  • Swedish Emigration/United States Immigration and Everything In Between
  • Swedish Resources Online
  • Swedish Records in the American Libraries

Finnish Research

  • Beginning Finnish Research
  • Finns or Swedes? The close connections of the Finnish and Swedish People
  • The Finns of Michigan and Northern Minnesota
  • Finnish Census Records

Norwegian Research

  • Overview of Norwegian Genealogical Resources
  • Arkivverket: An Overview of the Norwegian National Archives
  • Bygdebøker: Vital Resource, But…

Danish Research

  • Overview of Danish Genealogical Sources and Methods
  • Arkivalieronline and More: Danish Genealogical Resource!


  • DNA: Particular Issues for Scandinavian-Americans
  • National Archives Genealogical Resources: An Overview
  • Library of Congress Genealogical Resources: An Overview

Historical House Research

  • Basic Research on House Histories
  • Getting Your Property on the National Register of Historic Places

Custom Presentation