Norwegian Census News

There have been two very important advances for Norwegian researchers in the past couple of weeks.

First, The National Archives of Norway has published scanned images of the 1920 Norway Census and has begun to make it fully searchable. The Archives anticipates completion of the index by April of 2021. This will be an important resources for many researchers.

Second, and The National Archives of Norway have created an index of the 1875 census! While digital images of the census have been available for some time, the index was incomplete. Completion of this index is a MAJOR advance for many researchers. The 1875 census is particularly important as it covered the entire country at a crucial time, right before the most active period of Norwegian emigration. The previous census was 1865 and the next census was not until 1891 (the 1870 and 1885 census are only for certain cities and seaports.) So 1875 census fills an important hole and will help a number of researchers connect back to Norway. You can read more about this at MyHeritage’s blog entry.

ArkivDigital Update

ArkivDigital, the great company bring us Swedish genealogical resources online, released a blog its company’s yearly report for 2016.  All good news, revenue up, subscriptions up, 8 million more images! But there were a few hints for the future, all very exciting!

  • They will be increasing the personal register index, currently for 1880-1920, to next year 1860-1930,
  • They are still on track to release the aerial photos of buildings from the 1950s,
  • Digitization of new types of documents (they mention older photographs),
  • Not to mention more archived documents.

All exciting things for us to look forward to!