Husförhörslängder, Swedish Household Examination Records




Genealogists researching their Swedish ancestors are fortunate to have an abundance of information-rich and accessible genealogical records. The Swedish church and state were meticulous record keepers and Sweden has had little record loss compared to many other European countries. The gem of Sweden’s great genealogical records is the husförhörslängder (household examination records), a sort of yearly census that can include just about any type of information on your ancestor beyond mere birth, marriage, and death. Entries may provide you with information on property ownership, occupation, moving in and out, health, taxation, military obligations, characteristics and behavior and much more. Many of these entries will point you to additional documentation.

While much of the information in the household examination records is straightforward and easy to understand, some entries can be confusing. Abbreviations are common, language can be difficult to understand, and without knowing what you are looking at you can miss important clues in your research.

This book provides you with additional background information to get the most out of your Swedish research. While many researchers focus only on the essential demographic information for there Swedish ancestors, clues in the household examination records can frame a solution to many of your most difficult brick-wall problems.

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